Research Questions

I have questions and somewhere out there are the answers. Learn about Canadian history alongside me.

    1. What was the relationship really like between voyageurs and Aboriginals?
    2. What were the court procedures in 19th century Ontario?
    3. Why are the Group of Seven so iconic in Canadian art?
    4. Who were the Filles du Roi? What happened to them for the most part? What was the ultimate impact of the Filles du Roi on New France? Did their presence in New France meet the original goal set out for them? (Two-part answer).
    5. What was life like for 19th century families involved in Ontario lumber’s industry?
    6. How did the fashion of the French and English upper class in the pre-Confederation era compare to that of France and England?
    7. What the heck happened to Tom Thompson?
    8. What was the extent of Canadian involvement in the Spanish Civil War?
    9. Partisan attack ads—are they really worse nowadays?
    10. Canadian internment: Eastern European vs Japanese. Similarities? Differences?
    11. Beyond the Group of Seven: What other Canadian artists had a major impact in the art world?
    12. What was Canada’s role in the Boer War and how did the public view the war?
    13. What was health care like in New France? (Part 1 and Part 2)
    14. How did Canadians view Napoleon? How did the Napoleonic Wars affect Canada?
    15. What was the deal with Sir. John A. Macdonald and George Brown?

Future Topics of Interest

  1. WW1 Canadian POWs vs WW2 Canadian POWs. Similarities? Differences?
  2. Just what exactly went down in the 1911 showdown between Laurier and Borden?
  3. Lesser known battles of the Seven Years’ War and their impact on the events of the conflict.
  4. How was WW2 depicted in newspapers as opposed to WW1?

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