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Blog Status: On hiatus

This blog began back in August 2014 as a way for me to get back into writing about history. Since then I have been exploring both the well-known and the little-known areas and people of Canadian history one blog post at a time. When asked what the point of my blog is, I usually say I’m trying to poke holes in the idea that our nation’s history is just a big ol’ snooze fest.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

I will strive to not suck.

New posts will not appear on a fixed schedule due to general busyness in my offline life.

UK and Ireland 2015 121 - Stonehenge
Obligatory selfie at Stonehenge (August 2015). You wouldn’t know it from this blog but I am fascinated by all kinds of history. (Also, Stonehenge lived up to the hype. Ignore the haters!)

For those wondering my name is Carmen Cadeau. When I’m not blogging I’m busy enduring round two at the University of Toronto; this time trying to obtain a Master of Teaching. I also work in student services as a career advisor and spend a fair amount of time daydreaming about my next solo trip abroad. Follow me on Twitter if you are fond of history, museums, and education.

FYI – The disgruntled John A. Macdonald in my header is from this Hark! A Vagrant comic by Kate Beaton, who you should check out if you haven’t already.

Note: To those who would like to cite my blog, please feel free to do so. However, it is likely that your teacher or professor requires a more academic source. As such, I would recommend looking into and using the sources I list at the bottom of each post.








16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wonderful blog, Carmen. I’m not a historian, but I do love history in general (and have a particular fondness for our own). I got a little thrill when I googled something about coureurs des bois clothing and found your fashion flashback series. Great job. I write a personal blog about sewing and knitting and every year participate in a friendly competition over the winter. I am doing some informal research to shore up my aging memory as I think about “Canadian” influences I can use in my garments for this year’s endeavour. Thanks. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • cadeauca says:

      Hi Daniel! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that my website has been able to help you. Let me know if there is ever a topic in particular you need help with. 🙂


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